The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Get the Perfect Temporary Tooth Crown

The Tooth Garment™ protective Temporary Tooth Crown at-home solution against fighting sensitivity to revive the comfort of eating & drinking whenever you want

    Countless Benefits that go Above and Beyond!

    The Tooth Garment™ offers benefits that go above and beyond your expectations
    Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

    Imagine not worrying about an exposed tooth! The Tooth Garment™ offers peace of mind by protecting your molar



    Each crown is designed after the measurements that areprovided byyou.  This allows high-end customization to exactly fit your tooth

    Eat & Drink Freely

    Eat & Drink Freely

    No more fear of hurting because of sensitive teeth. Eat freely and forget about toothaches. Design allows the crown to stay in place

    Material Options

    Material Options

    TheToothGarment allows you to choose two material options: PEEK and Zirconium. These materials make the crowns long-lasting

    Eliminates Sensitivity

    Eliminates Sensitivity

    Say goodbye to molar sensitivity and cavity by adding an extra layer of protection provided by The Tooth Garment

    Easy Instructions

    Easy Instructions

    The ordering process is streamlined and it takes you to step by step towards getting you a customized tooth crown

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    Our Crowns that Make Things Comfortable!

    Temporary Tooth Crown

    We Have Our Patient Research Laboratory

    The Onlay is a half-crown suitable for partially damaged or sensitive teeth. You will get to choose between the material types after receiving an impression kit from our website.
    You will receive an Onlay Tooth Garment that will cover any particular section of your molar. On top of that, the final deliverable will include a Case to store the Garment, Tooth Sealant, and patented instructions on how to use and care for the product.

    Tooth Garment Full-Crown

    The Full-Crown is for you if your tooth is excessively damaged or you want to protect it from excessive sensitivity and catching cavity.
    You will receive a Full-Crown Tooth Garment that can cover an entire molar. In the final deliverable, you will receive Case to store the Garment, Tooth Sealant, and patented instructions on how to use and care for the product.

    The Products We Offer

    The Care kit

    Our Three Steps to Long-term Pain-Free Eating & Drinking

    Temporary Tooth Crown

    1. The Impression Kit

    Your first step towards pain-free eating & drinking will begin as soon as you place your order for an impression kit from our product page.
    This kit includes impression tray for upper/or lower and the tooth putty. It will enable you to take your tooth size at the comfort of your home and get a crown perfectly suited for you.

    2. Impression Exchange

    Once you have the right size sorted, you will be asked to send the kit back to us in the prepaid shipper.
    There are other options available if you don’t feel comfortable with making the impression yourself. Our team will set them up with a dental technician to take the impression for you
    Center Image
    Final-Delivery for Chicking for Temporary Tooth Crown

    3. Final Delivery

    We will start creating your customized Tooth Garment as soon as we receive your impression.
    The final delivery kit will include The Tooth Garment, Case to store the Garment, Tooth Sealant, and instructions on how to care for the products

    Tooth Garment™ Saves You a Fortune!

    The Tooth Garment™ can save you the trouble of going to expensive dentist sessions. Avoid paying a fortune and get an affordable yet sturdy solution to fight sensitivity, cavity, and tooth damage

    Why a Temporary Tooth Crown Is needed?

    A temporary tooth crown may have needed in the following situations:

    Preventing a weak tooth (such as a cavity) from breaking or holding parts of a broken tooth

    1. Restoring an already broken tooth or teeth that have worn.
    2. Cover and help the tooth with a filling when there is not much left of the tooth
    3. Keep the tooth bridge.
    4. To cover memories or colored teeth
    5. Covering teeth
    6. Make a cosmetic edit.

    What Types of Temporary Tooth Crowns Are Available?

    1. White Crown Tooth
    2. Silver Tooth Crown
    3. Gold Crown Tooth
    4. White Gold Tooth Crow

    Reasons for Crown Front Tooth

    You may need a temporary dental crown on one of your front teeth. In most cases, the front teeth have treated only with the crown for rehabilitation purposes. Sometimes, temporary dental crowns have used for cosmetic reasons.

    Often, according to the National Institutes of Health, the front tooth has equipped with a dental crown for the following reasons:

    • The tooth has damaged, such as a serious crack.
    • It’s too bad.
    • It has broken.
    • Your root canal has treated.

    For your molars, your dentist may recommend porcelain in metal crowns. But natural-colored ceramic crowns for front teeth are more popular.  They don’t affect the look of your smile. As a general rule, the front teeth are subject to less pressure than the molars when chewing. So, durable metal is not necessary.

    Caring for a Front Tooth Crown

    Taking care of your crown is no different than taking care of your other teeth. Brush your floss every day and visit your dentist to make sure the crown is stable and undamaged. Fresh Mint Stripe Gel Toothpaste like Gel Toothpaste will keep your whole mouth clean healthy. Also, it will keep free from tooth decay and gum disease. But, make sure to choose toothpaste that is not too scratchy, as it can damage your crown.

    You should also take special care not to damage the crown. Some harmless habits can break or break porcelain, including:

    • Chew ice
    • Biting pen and pencil cutting
    • Cutting hard candy or other items
    • Nails chew your nails

    Also, avoid foods and drinks that can color wash your teeth. While porcelain does not stain (color), the adjacent teeth can have colored. Which has makes the crown stand out.

    In general, don’t be afraid that a front-toothed crown will ruin your smile. It will not happen! With these facts, you can be sure that if you need a crown, your smile can still look healthy and natural.

    Kids Tooth Crown

    In some cases, a child’s teeth have damaged or infected and need a crown to regenerate. Children’s crowns are usually made of stainless steel or composite for the front teeth.

    The stainless steel crown for the front teeth can have painted white to make them look like teeth. Children’s crowns or crown front teeth have endorsed for decayed. Also, it’s broken teeth and later teeth whose nerves have removed.

    When Does a Tooth Need A Crown?

    A dental crown is a long-term restoration that provides solutions to many dental problems. Like cavities, broken teeth, allergies, infections, & more. After receiving a dental crown, you should take good care of it. Also, check it to avoid problems such as tooth decay under the crown, breaking or breaking the crown, or this area. If you have this problem or have an allergic reaction, you should see your dentist right away.

    How much does a Temporary Tooth Crown cost?

    The cost of dental crowns depends on their production, location, size, local fees, and preparation work. It also depends on the materials used in the training of dentists. Well, it will vary depending on the material used and the preparation required. For example, porcelain crowns are usually more expensive than gold crowns.

    In the worst case, you may also need root canal treatment. Besides, which case the total cost of the procedure could double.

    Generally, the crown prince can be between crown 800 and crown 1,700 or more for each crown. The range depends on whether you have insurance. What your insurance policy does. Your dentist has charged the rental fee. Thus, how many extra procedures have needed to complete the treatment?

    How Long Does It Take To Get a Crown on a Tooth?

    Getting a dental crown usually requires several steps and visits from your dentist. Before putting a crown on a tooth, a lot of work may need to have done. If your teeth have damaged, your dentist may prescribe root canal treatment. It may need to make a base for the crown to help, and then file a tooth to fit it.

    After completing these steps, you can begin the tooth crown replacement process in two rounds. On the first visit, impressions will have prepared from the teeth sent to the laboratory. Which will make your crown has permanent. Your dentist may look for dental impressions of the crown around the tooth. This step supports make sure that the permanent crown matches the placement of your other teeth. You will similarly get a temporary dental crown to wear waiting you are complete.

    Your second visit will be when your permanent crown is ready for placement. To ensure this, your dentist will perform a final check and make no adjustments. Then he will cement the crown in its place.

    In some dental offices, the process of two visits can have shortened by one. These offices have specialized computers and computer programs (called Cerac or CAD-CAM). So, have to allow the dentist to create a triangular image of your dentist. The computer then makes a porcelain crown and the dentist puts it on the same tour. This type of crown procedure saves travel for the dentist. But does not allow crowns made of materials such as metal or ceramics. Talk to your dentist about the best option for you.

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